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Forgive me Father, for I have sinned,

I don't have a love affair with Wagons.... There I said it.

I understand why I should like them; they are practical, fun and offer good value. The problem is I would still rather drive an SUV (a Crossover if I have to). For example, the Ford Fusion wagon looks great, but I honestly couldn't care less if it was here. Now I voted yes to bring it because I believe we deserve options and whats good for me isn't the best for the next person but I just don't care it doesn't appeal.


I don't know if its because we have always had an SUV and a car for as long as I can remember ('85 Bronco replaced with '97 Explorer replaced with '99 and then '02.... '03 Expedition replaced with '07 and then '10). I love the utility. I love the power. I love shoving 7-10 friends (in varying degrees of comfort)in it. I loved being able to move in and out of college in one shot, and above all i love a real 4 wheel drive system with a transfer case. Wagon just seem blah to me, much like a lot of crossovers. But I would still take some variant of an SUV over a wagon.

What I will never do is sell my Mustang for one.... Hell there isn't much I would sell my Mustang for. She's part of the family now.


I'm Sorry.

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