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Oct 11 2012

I need advice. I just got pulled over. First time in new york for speeding (second time ever 5 years ive been driving) 78 in a 50 (highway was empty, i wanted to go home, hell i had cruise control on — my fault i should know better) I should also have known better to get my neighbors PBA card out first because even

Aug 14 2012

The upcoming 3-series and 5-series GT makes me wish that Chris Bangle was back at BMW. He least the giant asses on his cars were tolerable. /mytwocents

May 4 2013

I would love the opportunity to post in Oppositelock again (last time I posted to Oppo was before Kinja.) If you still have openings, I am definitely interested. Thanks in advance. Enjoy the GT40. I love this photo.

Jul 6 2012

Apparently Mini created a whole bunch of ads for the 2012 Olympics and did a spoof of the Italian job. They called it the Britalian job. The whole thing was pretty well put together and worth the 5 minutes. One interesting note is the cars change in height throughout the film. I think Mini used regular cooper